‘Emergence & Transformation – Revisited’

IAP Fine Art Until 17th April 2021
IAP Fine Art
Until 17th April 2021 (On-line only)

“Nobody told me there’d be days like these

Strange days indeed…” John Lennon


In curating this exhibition, IAP Fine Art has selected works that we hope reflect—with both humour and seriousness—our collective human experience during the global pandemic and lockdowns.

Exhibition features work by Chris Gollon, Sir Terry Frost RA, Maxwell Doig, Paul Hatton, Possible Mirror & Julian Penberthy.

Click here to see the exhibition:  Emergence & Transformation

Pictured: ‘Woman with a Curious Hairdo’  by Chris Gollon and Candelabra  by Paul Hatton reflected inFour Squares (after Malevich) by Possible Mirror.

Photograph © Guy Lockwood