Gimme Some Wine (2016 – 2017)

In a continuation of his ongoing experiment in artistic “boundary crossing” with Irish singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy, entitled NAKED MUSIC, in late 2016 Chris Gollon embarked on a new series of paintings entitled ‘Gimme Some Wine’. They are inspired by Eleanor’s song of the same title, which she wrote for Chris Gollon and dedicated to him. The song in turn took its inspiration from Gollon’s painting ‘Dreaming of Leaving’, which had been inspired by the song of same title co-written by Eleanor McEvoy and Lloyd Cole. This exciting to-and-fro of lyrics and paintings was how McEvoy and Gollon worked and interviews with both about their collaborations are in the new book about this unique collaborative project: NAKED MUSIC. The song ‘Gimme Some Wine’ that inspired the 23 new paintings is to be released in 2019. Exhibited at IAP Fine Art, Monmouth, in March 2017, with a LIVE performance by Eleanor McEvoy, ‘Gimme Some Wine’ was the last major series of works on a single theme Chris Gollon painted before his untimely death in April 2017.