Naked Music (2015 – 2016)

A gallery passed, an artist admired, a painting bought, a new album born, inspiring new images…… 2014, Chris Gollon’s  painting ‘CHAMPAGNE SHEILA’  bought by Eleanor McEvoy and collected from IAP Fine Art, London, and some music left for Chris and his agent David Tregunna to listen to. Eleanor McEvoy loved the painting, Chris and his … Continue reading “Naked Music (2015 – 2016)”

And It Came To Pass (2013 – 2014)

  This work is a unique collaborative installation: both painting and music equally. It is a very original collaboration between established British artist Chris Gollon and Grammy-nominated Chinese classical musician Yi Yao, which led to a 41ft (12.49m) long painting and an 18-minute musical composition, both having inspired the other’s creation. It is shown here … Continue reading “And It Came To Pass (2013 – 2014)”

Being Human

  In 2009, Chris Gollon was invited to become First Artist in Residence and Fellow of the prestigious Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University. He was the first ever non-academic to be  invited. One of the IAS’s main aims is to inspire new thinking on big themes, by bringing together academics and thinkers from around … Continue reading “Being Human”

Driftin’ Back (after Neil Young), 2013

  Driftin’ Back’ (after Neil Young)’ is a 10ft (3m) long painting in five panels, in which Chris Gollon continued his interest in the predella* format. It is partially inspired by three things: 1) the recent Neil Young song of the same title (on his Psychedelic Pill album, 2012); 2) the famous dinner at Paris’s Hotel … Continue reading “Driftin’ Back (after Neil Young), 2013”

Early Thoughts

  In advance of and to prepare for his unique Fellowship and Residency at the prestigious Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University, (January – March 2009), Chris Gollon had to work out various ways of making imagery that allowed human figures to hold ideas. This was necessary if he was to take part with some … Continue reading “Early Thoughts”

Gimme Some Wine (2016 – 2017)

In a continuation of his ongoing experiment in artistic “boundary crossing” with Irish singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy, entitled NAKED MUSIC, in late 2016 Chris Gollon embarked on a new series of paintings entitled ‘Gimme Some Wine’. They are inspired by Eleanor’s song of the same title, which she wrote for Chris Gollon and dedicated to him. The … Continue reading “Gimme Some Wine (2016 – 2017)”

Incarnation, Mary & Women from the Bible (2014 – 2016)

A national touring exhibition of paintings by Chris Gollon  This series of paintings explores the experiences of women in the Bible and began as a collection of seventeen paintings for a solo exhibition at Guildford Cathedral, in Chris Gollon’s home county of Surrey. Chris Gollon and novelist Sara Maitland attended the private view. The exhibition … Continue reading “Incarnation, Mary & Women from the Bible (2014 – 2016)”

Fourteen Stations of the Cross

  In 2000, Chris Gollon was commissioned by the Church of England to paint fourteen Stations of the Cross for the Church of St John on Bethnal Green, a grade-one listed church designed by Sir John Soane and situated next to the V&A’s Museum of Childhood in East London. Gollon took the unusual step of … Continue reading “Fourteen Stations of the Cross”

Gollon at 60 – Self Portraits

  Gollon at 60 — an exhibition of self portraits in 2013 at  IAP Fine Art, London SW1   Over 20 years of representing Chris Gollon, IAP Fine Art had exhibited only very few self portraits. As Chris Gollon turned 60 that year, to celebrate the event he thought he would do a series of paintings of … Continue reading “Gollon at 60 – Self Portraits”

Last Paintings

  Chris Gollon lived to paint.  In early 2017, despite awaiting major surgery he painted up to the last days before he was admitted to hospital. In this short time, he painted one of his greatest self portraits ‘Figure in a Landscape (Self Portrait)’. In a very gentle painting ‘Woman in a Stream (after Soutine … Continue reading “Last Paintings”

Museum & Public Acquisitions

Chris Gollon enjoyed many solo museum exhibitions and some major acquisitions, including the British Museum. Critical acclaim is ever-increasing and his work continues to be shown in museums and galleries.  His public acquisitions and commissions can also be visited. Click Exhibitions for more details. Chris Gollon’s  work continues to be written about and included in … Continue reading “Museum & Public Acquisitions”

Innovations in Still Life

  In her biography Chris Gollon: Humanity in Art  art historian Tamsin Pickeral devotes a chapter to his innovative still life, pointing out:  “Gollon’s still life convey a heightened sense of animation, of perceptible drama and emotional consequences more familiarly seen in figurative works.” She also remarks that this crossing the boundaries of genre, or indeed … Continue reading “Innovations in Still Life”

CHRIS GOLLON: Beyond the Horizon

A collection of paintings, curated by IAP Fine Art for the eponymous exhibition at the Huddersfield Art Gallery (12 Oct. 2019 – 4 Jan. 2020): a retrospective of Chris Gollon’s paintings inspired by music or music lyrics; from those of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Talk Talk, Yi Yao and Thurston Moore to those of Eleanor McEvoy, … Continue reading “CHRIS GOLLON: Beyond the Horizon”