‘Gimme Some Wine (after Eleanor McEvoy)’

IAP Fine Art 2021 dates TBC

Dates to be confirmed, but a new solo exhibition of Chris’s Gollon’s last great series of paintings entitled ‘Gimme Some Wine (after Eleanor McEvoy)’ is planned for this year. A series of 23 paintings he produced 2016 – early 2017, in response to the song ‘Gimme Some Wine’, which Eleanor McEvoy had written and dedicated to him, inspired in turn by one of his paintings entitled ‘Dreaming of Leaving’ from their previous collaboration’s NAKED MUSIC series.


The on-line exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition catalogue and a new 12-minute film, featuring Eleanor McEvoy, her song ‘Gimme Some Wine’ and an in-depth look at the story of the song and the paintings it inspired.


The exhibition coincides with the album ‘Gimme Some Wine’ by Eleanor, which features a new version of the song that inspired the paintings. More on this page soon…..