Gimme Some Wine

IAP Fine Art 9th Mar - 29th Apr 2017 Weds - Sat 11-5pm

In a continuation of his ongoing experiment in artistic “boundary crossing” with Irish singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy, entitled NAKED MUSIC, Chris Gollon has embarked on a new series of paintings entitled ‘Gimme Some Wine’. They are inspired by Eleanor’s song of the same title, which in turn took its inspiration from Gollon’s painting ‘Dreaming of Leaving’, the latter painting and song and are featured in the new book about this unique collaborative project: NAKED MUSIC. The song ‘Gimme Some Wine’ that inspired the 23 new paintings (all seen a first time here) is as yet unreleased. However, we will be playing it in this exhibition showing the paintings that were inspired by it. This is the first opportunity anywhere for people to hear this new McEvoy song and see this new collection of Gollon paintings.
It coincides with Eleanor McEvoy’s first gold disc, recorded at Rockfield Studios, being exhibited in the Monmouth Museum.

What is NAKED MUSIC? It’s both the new album by Eleanor McEvoy (released 2016) and a new series of paintings by Chris Gollon interpreting the songs from it. In early 2015, Eleanor McEvoy purchased a painting by Chris Gollon, a female nude pouring champagne, entitled ‘Champagne Sheila’.  The work began to inspire the theme for her forthcoming album ‘NAKED MUSIC’, which features many of her own latest compositions and also some new songs co-written with Dave Rotheray (ex- The Beautiful South) and Lloyd Cole. “The first time I met Eleanor we immediately clicked artistically, albeit from a different art form. I was sent a demo for the new album, NAKED MUSIC, and invited to make one painting, perhaps for the front cover. Although the songs are written brilliantly from a woman’s point of view, when I began on the first painting I noticed that it was taking my work into an area I had never been before. A good example would be ‘The Thought of You’, the last track on the new album, where because of Eleanor’s point of view, I was able to actually understand how a woman longs for a man. A similar thing happened in all the songs, hence me ending up doing 25 paintings.” Chris Gollon
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Pictured:  ‘Gimme Some Wine – Female Version’ by Chris Gollon (48″ x 36″, 91 x 61cm oil on canvas 2016).

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