CHRIS GOLLON: Fourteen Stations of the Cross

ISBN-13: 978-0953058419

44-page full-colour fine art catalogue with texts by art critics Nicholas Usherwood, Jackie Wullschlager and Laura Gascoigne; art historian Tamsin Pickeral, Canon Dr Julie Gittoes, novelist Sara Maitland and Fr Alan Green. Published by IAP Fine Art in May 2019 upon the occasion of the permanent installation, in the south gallery of St John on Bethnal Green, of three paintings related to Gollon’s highly acclaimed Fourteen Stations of the Cross. It reproduces all fourteen Stations, which were permanently installed in 2009, before being blessed by Richard Chartres, Bishop of London in the same year. The catalogue also features the three related works, kindly donated by a private collector, one of which is ‘Judas Iscariot & The Magdalene’. Although Chris Gollon used family members in his Stations of the Cross, he did not put himself in any. However, in this painting he casts himself as Judas hanging from a tree. Partially inspired by a Bob Dylan lyric, it is also believed to be the first painting in art history of Judas Iscariot alone with the Magdalene.  To purchase, click: Fourteen Stations of the Cross – Catalogue.