NAKED MUSIC (Hot Press, 2016)

Written by Irish author Jackie Hayden, (both the first man to sign U2 to a record contract and author of a recent book on Dylan Thomas), NAKED MUSIC is published by Hot Press. Containing some fascinating and in-depth interviews with Eleanor McEvoy & Chris Gollon it tracks their journey into artistic “boundary crossing”. It began with Eleanor buying a Gollon painting entitled ‘Champagne Sheila’, which led to the concept of her latest album NAKED MUSIC, featuring new songs by McEvoy and some co-written  with either Dave Rotheray (ex The Beautiful South) and Lloyd Cole. The songs then inspired Chris Gollon to paint 25 paintings  on the NAKED MUSIC theme, some of which have then inspired new songs by Eleanor, leading to new paintings by Chris Gollon. This wonderful new book tracks how this unusual dialogue of music and art started and is ongoing, plus it features all the songs, many of the paintings and an excellent and thought-provoking text by the author. Available from Amazon, IAP Fine Art, or direct from the publisher by clicking: HOT PRESS.

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Incarnation, Mary & Women from the Bible

Published by IAP Fine Art, London, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9530584-4-0

42 pages, 16 colour illustrations

Exhibition catalogue with texts by novelist Sara Maitland, art historian Tamsin Pickeral, Canon Andrew Bishop and Canon Julie Gittoes, which accompanies the major national touring exhibition ‘Incarnation, Mary and Women from the Bible’ new paintings by Chris Gollon, which started in Guildford Cathedral in 2014, and toured to the cathedrals of Norwich, Chichester, Durham and Hereford in 2015. This beautifully printed 42-page catalogue reproduces all Chris Gollon’s paintings from the exhibition, with very insightful texts by leading writers. Price: £10 including postage and packing. To purchase, click: Shop.

Publications - Chris Gollon

‘CHRIS GOLLON: Humanity in Art’ by Tamsin Pickeral

Published by Hyde & Hughes 2010
ISBN 978-0-9563851-0-9

272 pages, 180 colour illustrations

Chris Gollon Humanity in Art is a lively and studied account of the life and work of leading contemporary artist Chris Gollon, an artist who brings humanity in all its forms to the canvas, in works often gently ironic and markedly perceptive. Unconventional and often challenging, Gollon has breathed new direction into contemporary painting. Bringing his fascinating life peopled with musicians, enormous characters, strange occurrences, desperate lows and great successes to the canvas, he now counts amongst one of the twenty-first century’s most important, and charismatic artists.

‘Chris Gollon’s work is wonderfully provocative and inspiring and added an exciting new dimension to the Being Human project at Durham’s Institute of Advanced Study on the Palace Green world heritage site.’
Bill Bryson OBE, International author and Durham University Chancellor

‘Like [Stanley] Spencer, he dramatises the everyday in contemporary images and, depicting our clumsy, ridiculous ordinariness, brings alive for a modern, cynical audience the ghastly dissonance of this story of good and evil, sacrifice and humanity, answering on its own terms a 21st-century culture that regards the heroic as absurd.’
Critic’s Choice, Jackie Wullschlager, Chief Visual Arts Critic, Financial Times

To purchase signed copies of this book, click: Humanity in Art


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BEING HUMAN paintings by Chris Gollon

Published by Durham University 2009
ISBN 978-0-9561840-1-6

This 52-page full-colour catalogue contains reproductions of all 16 paintings Chris Gollon produced while he was Fellow & First Artist in Residence (Jan – Mar 2009) at the Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University, as well as selected works from the Early Thoughts series Gollon produced prior to the Fellowship.

An introductory text by Prof Ash Amin, Executive Director, Institute of Advanced Study, on both the paintings and the interaction between Chris Gollon and selected Fellows, is followed by very insightful texts on Chris Gollon’s paintings from the Directors and Fellows of the IAS who collaborated on the Being Human project, and also a perceptive overview of the artist’s work by art historian Tamsin Pickeral. Contributors include Prof Ingo Gildenhard, Prof Adi Ophir, Prof Frances Bartkowski and Prof Eduardo Mendietta. In a very readable and stimulating fashion, it documents this unique Fellowship and Residency, and the cross fertilization of ideas which flowed between a leading fine artist and prominent academics and thinkers from 3 continents.

To purchase a copy, click: Being Human

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Contemporary Art In British Churches

Published by Art & Christianity Enquiry on the occasion of the exhibition ‘Commission’ at Wallspace, London EC2 in autumn 2010.

ISBN 978-0-9551485-1-4

This 72 page publication is a survey of some of the greatest contemporary art commissions for British churches over the last 40 years, from Henry Moore to Tracey Emin and Chris Gollon. It contains images of the works permanently installed in churches and cathedrals, as well as texts by the artists themselves, including Sir Anthony Caro, Tracey Emin, Chris Gollon, Christopher Le Brun and Alison Watt. It also looks at the commissioning process itself, with illuminating texts by Paul Bayley (Art in Churches Officer), Laura Moffatt (Director, ACE Trust) and leading art critic Laura Gascoigne.

To obtain a copy of this publication, please contact ACE direct: or +44 (0) 207-374 0600

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‘THE ANNUNCIATION: A Pilgrim’s Quest’ by Mark Byford

Published in March 2018 by Winchester University Press and available to purchase here: Annunciation. This fascinating book features interviews with Paul McCartney, Grayson Perry, Rowan Williams and the last interview Chris Gollon gave on his religious paintings. The latter was conducted in two parts, since the author visited Chris Gollon once when he was half-way thorough his painting of the Annunciation, and once at the end. His work and photos of Chris Gollon in his studio are included, along with insightful replies to Mark Byford’s questions.

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