NAKED MUSIC: new book on the Gollon/McEvoy journey into ‘boundary crossing’

This book features the last interview with Chris Gollon about his interest in artistic ‘boundary crossing’ and in particular his enjoyment of the to-and-fro of images and lyrics between him and Eleanor McEvoy.  Author and rock journalist Jackie Hayden (the first man to sign U2 to a record contract) is a wonderful interviewer with both McEvoy and Gollon, and the book contains all the songs from Eleanor’s NAKED MUSIC album, as well as selected paintings by Chris Gollon partially inspired by them. It also has the song ‘Gimme Some Wine’, which Eleanor McEvoy wrote for Chris Gollon inspired by his paintings, and which she dedicated to him. Songs, music scores, paintings and two scintillating interviews, this book explores this unique exchange of ideas, images and lyrics behind NAKED MUSIC, the album and exhibition.

To purchase, simply click: NAKED MUSIC The Songbook